Soy Constituency
  • Project Name: Strategic Planning
  • Client: Soy Constituency

Soy Constituency

This Constituency Strategic Plan will form the basis for the social-economic transformation in Soy Constituency. At the centre of this plan is the Blue Print for Kenya’s Development-the Kenya Vision 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Big Four Agenda. To ensure widespread and sustainable development, the plan has provided for, well grounded, practical and sustainable high impact interventions to address the challenges and move the Constituency to greater heights.

Project Overview

The strategic planning process entailed collection of sufficiently detailed data on the state of affairs and challenges faced in Education and Training, Security, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture and ICT sectors in the Constituency. An in-depth citizen –generated analysis of the Internal and External environments within which the NG-CDF operates was conducted through SWOT, PESTEL and Stakeholder Analysis. The insight gained facilitated the choice of the Strategic Direction Model to be adopted by the Constituency in the quest to improve the quality of life of her citizenry.

Project Implementation.

The Plan will be implemented over a five-year period starting from 2018 and ending in 2022.The plan focuses on the following key strategic challenges, interventions and expected results.

  • Low access to education and training
  • Inadequate education and training infrastructure
  • Poor working  conditions of security personnel
  • Environmental degradation
  • Inadequate ICT infrastructure and Innovation
  • Inadequate youth empowerment interventions

The following are Strategic Objectives relating to the identified strategic themes that will enable the fulfilment of the NG-CDFs Vision –

  • To improve access to education and training for Primary, secondary and Tertiary institutions in Soy Constituency
  • To improve education infrastructure of learning institutions and provide adequate services for learners
  • To improve the working conditions of security personnel and reduce crime rates in the Constituency
  • To promote environmental conservation in the targeted regions of the constituency.
  • To promote youth initiatives to build and nurture their talents and skills in sports,
  • To improve access to ICT infrastructure for ease of doing business.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan will be the role of NG-CDFC while PMCs will undertake implementation of the specific projects at the grassroots level. The Member of Parliament will provide oversight and leadership. The plan presents an Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix.


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