Corporate Training’s and Workforce Development

Training is an integral part of maximizing your organization’s investment in human capital. Our team of consultants practical industry successes and knowledge provide on-site training, open group training programs top support our clients to realize their full potential a reflection of our commitment to excellence and dedication to the business management systems of your company.

This also includes Team Building and Group Synergy training workshops which address the training needs earlier identified.

Training and Development at Optimize Africa draws on experiences of our multi-disciplinary faculty and industry leaders tried and tested with accredited success in their field. Our focused training offering brings with it deep experiential crucial in experiential learning and diverse knowledge and content mastery.

We design, customize and deliver training programs that address industry and company’s unique challenges. As the challenges facing leaders continue to change, organizations also need to update and align their leadership and management models, development strategy and suite of programs.

We provide advisory services to help organizations create, align and refresh their offerings to ensure greatest impact and efficiency. We work with you to craft the right solution so that your Teams of leaders, directors, high potentials executives or managers, acquire not just new knowledge, but also behaviors and mindsets to move the organization in the right direction fast.


  1. Need Assessment, Interview with  stakeholders and Talent Assessment.
  2.  Gap analysis Current vs. Desired
  3. Action Plan for Execution. Program Design per Agree Deliverable
  4. Memorable Practical and Experiential Learning experience. Enriching and Unique  programs .
  5. Personal Delegate Action plans
  6. Feedback Evaluation. Review Progress. Satisfaction Level
  7. Training Continuous Improvements Initiatives.

A Selection of Our Training Programmes

Driving Organizational & Leadership Change

THE CFO – Strategy & Leadership Programme.

Strategic Negotiation Programme

Leadership is facing increasingly complex and turbulent times, and is often left reeling, feeling uncertain and powerless in the face of ongoing changes. This four day intensive workshop equips executive, leaders and senior managers to lead more effectively in changing times. It focuses on being more impactful in driving organizational and leadership change within organizations.

The CFO Leadership Programme is designed to develop the leadership and wider business expertise required of today’s and tomorrow’s high-performing CFOs. Finance Directors frequently progress from being a controller and a good accountant or treasurer into a new role where they are expected to participate in developing strategy, manage a group and exercise leadership as well as keeping on top of the numbers.

The CFO Leadership Programme has been
designed by a former Finance Director with global responsibility as well as considerable management development expertise for Finance Directors and aspiring Finance Directors to address those issues that move from technical expertise to the less structured issues of strategic development as well as leadership. A key aspect is the use of two professional psychometric tools which allow participants to understand their leadership style and how to understand the preferences of their teams and senior colleagues.

Whether managing high-stakes deals, settling major disputes, or navigating challenging negotiations, you need more than persuasive tactics to achieve the best outcomes. In this results-driven business negotiation strategy program, you’ll learn how to bring together the right players, tackle the right issues, develop the right process for each type of deal master techniques that yield maximum value.

Customer Service Excellence Programme 

Effective Change Management.

Advanced Credit Risk Analysis Programme

The focus of this course is to enlighten and engage customer service professionals with the latest thinking about how to deliver an excellent service to their customers using the telephone, email and social media. The course is interactive and participative, using the latest learning techniques to help capture everyone’s unique learning style.

It will use up-to-date examples of excellent practice and participants will leave the day with new telephone skills, different and better ways to respond to email, as well as effective and impactful ways to respond to customer complaints on social media.

This course aims to give managers a solid grasp of a range of change management best-practices, techniques and tools from introduction through to implementation that will ensures your change process is successful. You will gain practical strategic change implementation skills to enable you drive change forward, manage resistance and the readiness of the organization to embark on a transformation journey.

Banks and other financial institutions continue to lose billions of dollars annually due to their failure to analyze and anticipate credit risks correctly. Even when financial institutions do not suffer direct financial losses due to default or market movements, they may be receiving and establish the financial benefits of their solution with the client.

Those scale projects

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