I.T & Digital and Creative Services

Organizations are increasingly rely on technology, this reliance creates dramatic growth in demand for skilled professionals. As technology becomes indispensable to business, effectively managing technology becomes essential.

Training represents on concrete step organizations can take to assure that their employee teams possess the skills necessary to reduce failure risk, decrease costs and increase work effectiveness. Without specific IT skills, organizations may delay adopting emerging technologies such as migrating to new operating systems or install new applications.

IT Consultancy & Software (Academic management, Micro Finance / Sacco management)

  • IT Training
  • Cyber Security
  • Risk management Framework for organization and Businesses

Collaboration systems have evolved into sophisticated tools that provide e-mail, of course, but also calendaring services, shared address books, task management, encryption, support for mobile messaging, and other capabilities. The result is that digital, precise and timely communication has become the focal point for users’ as well as businesses.

Product offering includes: –

  • Human Capital Management System / Baraza HCMS
  • Hosted e-mail service
  • Web Hosting service
  • Managed e-mail service
  • Google G-Suite products
  • SMS messaging service

Those scale projects

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